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Dadiogaosai is a visionary design brand focused on renewing traditional Chinese culture.It has not only inherited the old spirit of traditional Chinese crafts, but also challenges cliched and outmoded images.

Dadiogaosai was established to make use of the erotic possibilities of Chinese knotting and restriction to create new high fashion aesthetics and explore subversive fantasies.In Taiwanese dialect, the expression "da dio gao sai" means to accidentally step in dog poop. However, it also means to have good luck: transforming misfortune into a blessing, as if one had stepped on a piece of gold.  Likewise, Dadiogaosai uses sophisticated craftsmanship and modern design to achieve a dual purpose:, bothy dismantling and reconstructing the norms and values of traditional culture.

Chinese knot

Chinese knotting is an ancient rope art. It uses a single rope to create shapes that bestow blessings and happiness.In 2019, Dadiogaosai's first collection combined Chinese knots and Japanese Shibari (しばり) rope bondage to create a new image for this precious craft practice.In 2021, Dadiogaosai is transforming the knots by using metal materials that transfer the ancient spirit of Chinese knotting into a modern body.